Peaceful seaside holiday homes for the modern traveller 

1. Is The Yuppi Hippi Hideout suitable for a small family or a couple?

A. Yes. It is safe and suitable for small families and couples. All our rooms can be inter connected for groups of family and friends

2. What type of accommodations are available at The Yuppi Hippi Hideout?

A. The Yuppi Hippi Hideout has Three spacious double rooms with king size beds and attached western toilet and shower.

3. What about hot water?

A. The rooms have 24 hour hot and cold water availability. The hot water is powered by Solar Energy

4. Can we cook at The Yuppi Hippi Hideout? Can we get diet food prepared for toddlers and young children?

A. Cooking facility for guests is not available. In case of diet food for children, please talk to our caretaker.

5. Does The Yuppi Hippi Hideout have pickup / drop facility?

A. Pickup / drop can be arranged at extra cost however it is economical to take a Taxi. Most Taxi drivers know about the Anjuna Flea market next door

6. Can our vehicle go upto The Yuppi Hippi Hideout?

A. Due to our location on the beach vehicles cannot reach right till the property. You need to walk from the parking area which is about 20 meters away

7. Do you have a pet policy? 

A. Pets are not allowed on the property

8. How is the water quality at The Yuppi Hippi Hideout?

A. The water is clear and pumped from a natural spring well. It is soft water and is perfectly safe to use for washing and bathing purposes.

9. Can we smoke in the Rooms?

A. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the rooms. There are designated areas within the property where you may smoke.

10. Do you allow consumption of drugs or other narcotic substances.

A. Consumption / carrying / selling of drugs and narcotic substances is an serious offence in Goa. We do not permit consumption of the same on the property.

11. Do you provide separate accommodation for our driver.

A. No we do not have such a facility. Based on availability we can assist you to find cheaper accommodation at a close by location but we need sufficient time/notice.

Food Availability

1. Is food arranged?

A. Food is not arranged at the guest house. Liquor is not sold / served. However Consumption of liquor is allowed on the property.

2. I plan to stay for 3 days in The Yuppi Hippi Hideout and travel around Goa and surrounding areas. Is it possible to arrange for packed food?

A. The Yuppi Hippi Hideout Is located around many local restaurants and a 24 hour beach shack. Facility of packed food can be arranged externally.

3. Can we cook / prepare our own food at The Yuppi Hippi Hideout?

A. No. You can’t prepare or cook your own food at The Yuppi Hippi Hideout as we dont have kitchenette facility in the accommodation units.

4. What about food for our driver?

A. Any Food requirements can be requisitioned from the many local restaurants nearby

5. Are There restaurants near by?

A. Yes, we have many restaurants and beach shacks near by serving Local Goan, Indian and Chinese cuisine. Curlies Beach shack is a famous 24 hour dining restaurant.

6. What about Breakfast?

A. We provide Coffee, Dairy creamer, Sugar and Tea bags with Hot water in the rooms for an early morning cup of coffee or tea. European and Indian breakfasts can be best enjoyed at the restaurants nearby. We do not encourage eating in the rooms but our caretaker can arrange for your breakfast order in special cases.

7. Can you organise a barbecue

A. For a minimum of 7 guests to a maximum of 10 guests we can arrange for a barbecue dinner at extra costs.

8. Do you have Dish TV connection and Televisions in the rooms?

A. No we do not have television in the rooms because we encourage our guests to enjoy the natural beachfront surroundings and to break free from the normal routine on holiday.


Booking, Reservations and Cancellation

1. How much in advance do i book / reserve at your property?

A. Our property is a prime location property with a limited inventory of three rooms therefore very much in demand. It is advisable to book at least six months in advance

2. What are the different ways to book/reserve?

A. The fastest way is to book online through our website by credit card. Your may also make payments by RTGS, Bank Transfer, SWIFT or Paypal.

3. How do i get your bank details for transfer?

A. Send us an email or message and we will send you a quotation along with our bank details for transfer.

4. Can i book without payment?

A. Yes you can book without payment. However we will attempt to inform you to make payment as soon as we get another request for your booked days.

5. How do I confirm my booking?

A. Booking will be confirmed only on receipt of full / part prior payment. Bookings made without payment as mentioned, will be held purely as tentative bookings and we may sell the same to any other client, without notice. The onus is on the client to keep track of the status of the tentative bookings.

6. How do i Cancel my reservation?

A. You need to send us an email notification for cancellation immediately. Only those who have made the booking can cancel the booking. Cancellation will be done only after we have verified the email address and the person cancelling the booking.

7. What is your cancellation / refund policy?

A. Cancellations made prior to 30 days from day of check in 100% refund minus bank charges and agent charges (if any). Cancellations made within 30 days prior to check in - No refund.

 How to Book your room

The easiest and surest way to book your Room is by instant online booking. There are many other ways to book Click this button to know more.