Peaceful seaside holiday homes for the modern traveller 

The GOA TRANCE music has its roots in the popularity of Goa in the late 1960s and early 1970s as a hippie capital, and although musical developments were incorporating elements of industrial music and EBM (electronic body music) with the spiritual culture in India throughout the 1980s, the actual Goa trance style did not appear until the early 1990s. The music played was a blend of styles loosely defined as techno and various genres of computer music (e.g., high energy disco without vocals, acid house, electro, industrial gothic, various styles of house, electronic/rock hybrids). The music arrived on tape cassettes by fanatic traveler collectors and DJs. It was shared (copied) tape to tape among Goa DJs, which was an underground scene, not driven by labels or music industry.

The party never stops on Anjuna and is known for its full-moon (acid house) parties. Its the party hard spirit that makes Anjuna a rave venue for big parties and party animals, especially during the Christmas and new year period. Usually the nightlife of Anjuna centers at Curlie's and Shiva Valley which are situated near The Yuppi Hippi Hideout. The night comes alive with Goa trance music and the pounding rhythmic sound system. There is no dearth of party places. All you need to do is just swing into the party mood and voila! the fun begins. The trance party with dance, frolic, and merriment goes all night besides the fire. It is just the right place for lazing holidaymakers. Besides the calm waters of the Arabian Sea lapping softly on the Indian shore, Anjuna comes live with its ever-famous full-moon parties and the Wednesday flea market to take one onto a trance trip.