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The most popular and sought after accommodation in Anjuna offers themed rooms of the hippie era and decorated with paraphernalia  sourced through the years from flea markets around the world. The rooms bring back the nostalgia of the lives and the times of when the hippies visited the shores of Goa and lived here.

Thoughtfully designed wooden huts with the loft living concept of the hippies of Anjuna who built their wooden abodes in trees atop the hill.

The modern looking huts have a lounge and bath on the ground level and a spacious bedroom with a attached balcony to give you views of the sea and the lush hillsides of Anjuna

This unique and cozy addition to the hideout is meant to offer our independent travelling ladies a safe and economical place to live experience Goa. With just four self contained and individually curtained bunk beds that have their own personal fan charging points and an adequate locker to keep belongings safe.

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