Peaceful seaside holiday homes for the modern traveller 

South Anjuna Beach, located just in front of The Yuppi Hippi Hideout - has been a stalwart of the hippie scene since the 1960s and still drags out the sarongs and bikinis every day for its famous – and once infamous – beach parties. Though it continues to pull in droves of backpackers, midrange tourists are increasingly making their way here for a dose of hippie-chic.  Anjuna continues to evolve with its beach party scene with a small flowering of new restaurants and seaside bars. Hire a scooter or motorbike and explore the back lanes and southern beach area and you’ll find a place that suits you, along with a bit of the old-style Anjuna vibe and some party action. This is one of the few beaches in Goa which is not accessible by public transport - thus relatively unspoilt and it grows on you.

Curlie's Nightclub is one of the most active beach shacks in Anjuna and a legendary, popular party place among foreign tourists. It is located at the beach just below The Yuppi Hippi Hideout and next to the equally famous Shiva Valley Shack and Anjuna Flea Market. Fans and adherents of psychedelic culture come here from all over the world to enjoy the music and to spend their time in complete harmony with themselves and with the surrounding world. Such parties are very similar to parties of unforgettable times of hippies, who gathered together on the beach with the same aim decades ago. Curlie’s Nightclub dance-floor is situated inside the air conditioned soundproof glass cube, for people who want to listen to the captivating sounds of psy-trance music, dance and relax. Curlie's also boasts of a 24 hour multi cuisine restaurant and a lounge bar.

The Flea Market -  which is right next door to The Yuppi Hippi Hideout, is as much part of the Goan experience as a day on the beach. More than three decades ago, it was conceived and created by hippies smoking jumbo joints, convening to compare experiences on the heady Indian circuit and selling pairs of Levi jeans or handmade jewellery to help fund the rest of their stay. Nowadays things are far more mainstream and the merchandise comes from all over India: sculptures and jewellery courtesy of the Tibetan and Kashmiri traders; colourful Gujarati tribal women selling T-shirts; richly colourful saris, bags and bedspreads from Rajasthan; sacks of spices from Kerala; and the hard-to-miss tribal girls from Karnataka pleading passers-by to ‘come look in my shop.’ Weaving in among this syrupy blend of stalls are the remaining hippies, backpackers, weekenders from Mumbai, and bus- and taxi-loads of package tourists from Russia and Europe.

Sunset Point, located a few meters uphill from The Yuppi Hippi Hideout,  the point offers you a hilltop 360 degree view of the sea, shoreline and the beach below. A popular spot for those who enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature. The unique rock formation that seems to suspend you over the land and rocks below is not only a place where some practice yoga but also a vantage paragliding launch point for professionals and amateurs alike. For those who enjoy a trek, a rough shoreline path can be quite challenging with breathtaking seascapes, wild fruit to pick and a lot of flora and fauna to enjoy. Those who like to fish can find rock fishing and crab catching quite enjoyable.

Water Sports Activities allow you to Skim the waves. Surf the seas. Float across the skies above The Yuppi Hippi Hideout. The fabulous golden Goan coast is sprinkled with water sports excitements. Today there are a number of water based sports and activities available in Goa. The best season for enjoying water sports in Goa is from October to May when the skies here are cloudless and blue, and the waters fairly placid.

Those available right at the Anjuna Beach are Windsurfing, Dinghy Sailing, Water skiing, Parasailing, Water Scooters, Paragliding and Dolphin Spotting. If you are lucky you could request the local fishermen to allow you on their canoes to do some deep sea angling as well.

Splashdown Water Park doesn’t need an introduction. Its name says it all! The water park has some thrilling rides for you to embark upon. It is located in Anjuna and is just a 10 minute ride from The Yuppi Hippi Hideout. The water park is a total fun zone for everybody; from grandparents to the grandkids, it’s party time for one and all!. For those of you who are yet to conjure up enough courage to experience the thrills of the long slides, Family Flume is the answer to your prayers. A gentle board slide where friends and family can come down together holding hands as they land into the shallow pool. If you belong to the bold, adventure seeking group, you are sure to fall for the Twister, Awesome 3some, the Zoom Flume. It is the Twister which takes ones breath away as they ride through the crazy turns of the fall. The Boomerang is a fantastic ride; it gives you the feel of a pendulum as you keep going from one end to the other, till you come to a halt at the base.