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Anjuna is such a nice place to grow up in. The natural beauty that lingers on the roads and beaches of Anjuna, the familiar Hello's from guests at frequently visited breakfast spots to the unfamiliar Hello's that seem friendly enough. Every day is a celebration, here. While the grandmothers here make their own coconut oil, their English is the most fluent you will ever hear of that age group. Once upon a time, people roamed around naked on the Anjuna beach, because of the kind of open-mindedness, tolerance and extraordinary hospitality that people hold here. Today guests who respect the privacy of residents roam around at 2 in the morning alone and do not fear harassment or molestation


Global Villages like this one is the need hour of the, for a simple reason that it is so well rooted and grounded in its culture and rituals and at the same time, it is a place where a wildly multi-racial, multi-lingual and multinational mix of 'outsiders' mingles visibly happily and peacefully with the 'insiders' of Anjuna.


Shiva Valley / Cafe Lilliput 

(2 Minutes walk from the Hideout)

Party spots and Goa's Best EDM/ Trance/Rave Beach Bars

Curlie's Beach Shack

(2 Minutes walk from the Hideout)

Party spot and Internationally known EDM/ Trance/Rave Beach Bar.

Serves International cuisine and drinks, 24 hours.

Anjuna Flea Market

(5 Minutes walk from the Hideout)

Goa's oldest and most popular weekly market.

Operates only on Wednesdays during the season 8 am to 5pm

Sunset Point / Lovers Rock

(5 Minutes walk from the Hideout)

Nestled atop Anjuna Hill the sunset point and Lovers rock offers a 380 degree breathtaking landscape and seascape views of Anjuna Village and beyond

Water Sports Hub

(10 Minutes walk from the Hideout)

Offers the water sport enthusiasts a choice of activities that thrill the fun seekers.

Beginners also have an array of rides with assistance from qualified coaches. 

Splashdown Water Park

(15 Minutes drive from the Hideout)

A fresh water water park with slides and rides for all ages.

Proper swimming costume is a necessity to enter and enjoy the fun.

Saturday Nite Bazzar

(15 Minutes drive from the Hideout)

This seasonal weekend hangout starts after sundown and ends past midnight

Shop for souvenirs, Eat local food and dance to Goa's best musicians.

Anjuna Tinto

(15 Minutes drive from the Hideout)

Gourmet Restaurants, Hip Hop Bars, Barbeque Bistros, Discotheques and

Boutiques line the winding village road that links this market to the village.

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