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While making a Booking on WhatsApp (+91 9552875990) which is the easiest and quickest way to book with us, refer to the catalog and book your chosen accommodation at our award winning guest house directly with us or through our partners. Although our partners may issue their individual booking confirmations, we only honour confirmation letters that we send out to our guests upon receiving a 50% prepayment to reserve. These payments must be credited to our bank account in advance. Balances can be paid to our resident host before check in and in cash only as electronic transmission is unreliable in our area. There is no extra charge for choice of room but availability is on first come first served basis. Rates change seasonally and special offers are always for limited periods only. Goa Tourism and Goa Police regulations apply.

Once the Booking is made and the advances are paid we mail you our confirmation which is final and binding and which automatically cancels all other previously sent confirmations. The email contains room, reservation and financial details. 

We advise our guests to kindly refrain from making a reservation and advance payments if you are not sure of your travel plans or your holiday itself.  This is a non refundable booking. But due to some unforeseeable circumstances our guests have to cancel, we assist to sell the booked rooms  by listing them on our partner websites. If and when sold we inform and refund our guests the advance after deducting the GST paid and commissions. Please note: the faster you cancel the more you increase the chances of selling your dates and receiving the maximum refund which will be done after the completion of your scheduled booking dates.

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