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India is a many-splendored land but few of its corners are more favoured than Goa. With a 105 km coastline embracing many of the finest beaches India can offer. Unforgettable Goa, a blend of serenity and excitement down a 100 kilometer long coastline, studded with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Goa beaches are its crowning glory.

Although Goa is prevailing as a legacy of the Portuguese colonial era, in fact, its history dates back to as early as in the antiquity, during which facts were mingled with mythology. However, the evident history of Goa is that it was part of the Mauryan Empire (the 3rd century B.C).

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The people of Goa are known as 'Goans'. They are peaceful, friendly and fun loving people who love the "susegado" lifes. The life style in Goa reflects a unique blend of East and West and Goans usually comprise of a predominantly Hindu and a Christian population. Goans are born music lovers and most Goans can pluck at a guitar or pick out a tune on the piano with ease. Music streams through the blood of every Goan and their love for music can be heard both day and night, not only in the houses but at social occasions. Goans speak Konkani which is the mother tongue of people in each and every part of Goa and is highly responsible for unification of the Goan population. Many Goans also speak Portuguese due to a strong Portuguese influence since it was a Portuguese colony for 451 years.

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