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The Yuppi Hippi Hideout is located on the hill overlooking the beach. It is a very old building, a fixture of village life and was used by the hippies when they visited Goa. The facade has been retained as it was then but beautifully made current, so that it is still very much the old cottage except that the rooms and bathrooms are practical. Over all the house is still of earlier times, except very much more comfy than in former times. It is full of small attractive touches - bright striped cushions, with colourful interiors and framed photos of the old hippie days. The large courtyard in front of the cottage has tall coconut palms that sway in the continuous sea breeze blowing straight from the Arabian Sea in front adding to the tranquil village surroundings.

The rooms open into a wide patio and sit-out. An ideal spot to laze around watch the sun set, feel the night sea & the moonlit sky all in the enveloping darkness. The silence is broken, with every wave, which hurtles to the shore. All is in peace; And so, a sore heart finds its cure. It is all different, without a point of view. Bad- is not bad anymore, so be in love with everything that you feel. A brief good bye to rules and restraints. Here you can break your own constraints for what you see is a sight, with beauty;  Beauty…  as serene as there could be, Beauty… words can’t explain, Which memory beholds,  and forever sustained…Its time you realised, the world is beautiful.



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