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1. Is The Yuppi Hippi Hideout suitable for a small family or a couple?

A. Yes. It is safe and suitable for small families and couples. All our rooms can be inter connected for groups of family and friends

2. What type of accommodations are available at The Yuppi Hippi Hideout?

A. The Yuppi Hippi Hideout has Three spacious double rooms with king size beds and attached western toilet and shower. The newly introduced Wooden Huts offer  bedrooms on the loft level with a private terrace. The Exclusive Ladies Hostel has four single bunk beds for ladies travelling alone. The new Beach Bum Huts for families and groups and the Beachpackers Hostel are to be introduced soon.

3. What about hot and cold water availability and quality ?

A. The rooms have 24 hour Solar powered hot and cold water availability. 

4. Can we cook at The Yuppi Hippi Hideout? 

A. Cooking facility for guests is not available.

5. Does The Yuppi Hippi Hideout have pickup / drop facility?

A. Pickup / drop can be arranged at extra cost however it is economical to take a Taxi. Most Taxi drivers know about the Anjuna Flea market next door

6. Can our vehicle go upto The Yuppi Hippi Hideout?

A.  Some smaller vehicles can drive right till the property gates. 

7. Do you have a pet policy? 

A. Pets are not allowed on the property

8. How is the water quality at The Yuppi Hippi Hideout?

A. The water is clear and pumped from a natural spring well.

It is soft water and is perfectly safe to use for washing and bathing purposes.

9. Can we smoke in the Rooms?

A. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the rooms.

There are designated areas within the property where you may smoke.

10. Do you allow consumption of drugs or other narcotic substances.

A. Consumption / carrying / selling drugs and narcotic substances is a serious offence in Goa. We do not permit consumption of the same on the property.

11. Do you provide separate accommodation for our driver.

A. No we do not have such a facility. Based on availability we can assist you to find cheaper accommodation at a close by location but we need sufficient time/notice.

12. Do you have an attached restaurant or a kitchen?

A. Food is not arranged at the guest house. Liquor is not sold / served. However Consumption of liquor and food is allowed on the property at designated places within the property. Eating and drinking inside the rooms is not permitted.

There is a designated dining area for home delivery dining.

13.  Is it possible to arrange for packed food?

A. The Yuppi Hippi Hideout Is located around many local restaurants and a 24 hour beach shack. Facility of packed food can be arranged externally.

14. Can we cook / prepare our own food at The Yuppi Hippi Hideout?

A. No. You can’t prepare or cook your own food at The Yuppi Hippi Hideout as we do not have kitchen facility in the accommodation units.

15. Are there restaurants/ eateries near by?

A. Yes, we have many restaurants and beach shacks near by serving Local Goan, Indian and Chinese cuisine. Curlies Beach shack, 2 minutes away from us

is a famous 24 hour dining restaurant and night spot.

16. What about Breakfast?

A. European and Indian breakfasts can be best enjoyed at the restaurants nearby. We do not encourage eating in the rooms but our caretaker can arrange for your simple breakfast order in special cases only if ordered the night before.

17. Can you organise a barbecue 

A. For a minimum of 7 guests to a maximum of 10 guests we can arrange for a barbecue dinner at extra costs.

18. Do you have satellite dish connection and televisions in the rooms?

A. No we do not have television in the rooms because we encourage our guests to enjoy the natural beachfront surroundings and to break free from the normal routine on holiday.

19. Do you have a reliable internet connection

A. Yes we have a Fibre Optic Cable Connectivity to our router with Extenders to provide a strong WiFi signal throughout the property.

20. I have heard of erratic power supply at beach locations in Goa is your area affected by power interruptions?

A. Yes sometimes, Due to our proximity to the beach we are faced with

frequent power supply failures and fluctuations.

19. How can we communicate directly with the management?

A. You may use WhatsApp (+91 9552875990) for fastest communication for reservations, prepayment, feedback, complaints and suggestions.

20. How can we make pre payments and balance payments?

A. Foreign Guests can use Paypal* or Wise* to make their prepayments. Indian Guests can use UPI, Credit Card or Bank to Bank Transfers To reserve their accommodation in advance. Balance payments (if any) made on arrival at the Hideout have to be made in Cash only.

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