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1. To Check-In, each person is asked to present a valid Photo identity document (ID card or passport) and fill in the registration register as per the Tourism ministry guidelines.

2. Unless otherwise agreed, the arrival time for Check-In is at 2 pm. Check out is at 12 Noon.

3. Guests are required to pay full amount before checking in and in advance for the accommodation and used services of the property, corresponding to his/her confirmed booking, or the seasonal price. When accommodation is extended, nights will be charged as per actual rate of the day/season.

4. The Guesthouse has the right to demand payment in cash from the guest in advance or levy a refundable security deposit.

5. Guests, who do not have the accommodation booked in advance and do not provide the booking details, are required to pay the full amount for the accommodation on the day of arrival and before Check-in.

6. AlthoughThe Guesthouse has 10 CCTV cameras at vantage points outdoors for security, guests must look after their own valuables / belongings when on the property.

7. When a guest is visited by another person, who is not a registered property guest, he/she is not allowed to enter the room and will be allowed to visit, meet/greet only at the reception area in the property.

8. From 10:00pm to 7:00am are guests requested to keep the silent hours. Intoxicated guests that are boisterous or noisy may be asked to leave the property by the security personnel immediately and without any refunds.

9. Guests are asked to respect the smoking and non-smoking areas. All rooms are strictly non-smoking. Usage of drugs and or prohibited substances are strictly prohibited within the property.  Please do not walk and stay in the public areas in inappropriate clothing, i.e. pyjamas, lingerie, underwear, etc. Walking without clothing is strictly forbidden.

10. For security reasons it is not permitted to use own/ carried appliances. The exception are: razors, hair dryers, curling irons, radio, mobile phones and personal computer. Guest are then responsible and liable for any damages caused by their illegal use. Do not tamper with the power line, electrical fittings, plumbing or provided appliances.

11. Guests are asked not to move or rearrange any of the provided furniture and decoration items in the room. Room inventory (pillows, blankets, towels, etc.) are intended for you to use while staying in the room and are not to be taken out or to the beach. Washing, drying and ironing clothing /garments is not allowed in the rooms.

12. The Guest is responsible for any damages /loss caused to property. According to applicable regulations he/she is asked to report any damage at the reception desk immediately. When damages are caused by breaking the rules, rough handling or intention to damage, the hotel has the right to claim the compensation. The memorabilia displayed are of antique value and may cost you a huge sum of money if found damaged. Damages include but are not limited to unnatural soiling of provided linen and curtains, breakage of glass provisions, damage and staining of walls, tampering with locking devices, breakage of sanitary and bath fittings, wetting, ripping and soiling of mattress/pillows/cushions.

13. It is not allowed to leave children in the room unattended. Parents / guardians are responsible for the safety of their children in all areas of the property.

14. When leaving the room, guest is expected to close all water taps, turn off the lights, switch off Air conditioners, close windows and return the room key when Check-out. Loosing the room key will cost the guest the entire expenses of replacing the lock.

15. Dogs and other pets are not allowed inside the rooms.

16. Easily flammable and explosive substances and materials, as well as objects/ food with unpleasant odour, are not allowed on the premises.

17. The management, and staff welcomes all your suggestions for improving any of provided services. Please report any objectionable behaviour by the staff on the premises. Call / WhatsApp 9552875990 to report 

18. Please keep Goa, Anjuna and our property free of Plastic Waste. Use the provided dustbins to collect all your dry waste which we will be happy to Recycle.

19. We wish our guests a pleasant and memorable stay and kindly ask for compliance of the above regulations. In the case of gross violation of these regulations, the hotel management has the right to withdraw from the accommodation agreement before the period of completion with no guarantee of refund.

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