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1. What is the situation of the Covid pandemic in Goa?

A. Goa unlike all other states have a relatively low number of positive cases and efforts are being made by the government to keep the numbers down by implementing border checks and testing of all those who enter Goa.

2. Is your guesthouse approved by the department to commence business?

A. Yes we were one of the first guesthouses in Anjuna to be evaluated and

approved to welcome guests to stay with us due to the procedures and methods

we have implemented to safeguard the health of our guests and staff.

3. Are we allowed to enter and holiday in Goa?

A. Yes. As long as you are vaccinated, asymptomatic and /or have a Covid negative certificate issued by a registered laboratory. If you do not have such a certificate you are required to avail of the test at the border entry and proceed to stay

only at Tourism Department approved Hotels and Guesthouses like ours.

Guests are advised to brief themselves on current status of permissions and directives from the various Government websites.

4. What are the procedures implemented to ensure other residents and staff

are not infected by the virus?

A. We have the required apparatus and gadgets to monitor our guests health.

We also have a doctor on call and a room dedicated to the isolation of guests

who are suspected of contracting the virus.

5. What are the prevention methods adopted?

A.  We Sanitise all rooms with a nano particle fogging machine for effective decontamination if any. We also periodically sanitise public areas and encourage our guests to wear masks outdoors. We also inform guests of maintaining safe distance and identify areas in the village that may be prone to the spread of the virus. Guests are checked twice a day for fever and are observed so as to identify those who appear weak and sick or have a cough.

6. Is it safe to travel within Goa?

A. travelling in Goa in your own vehicle is safe and the most recommended mode. However the responsibility of following rules and regulations imposed by the Government, Tourism and Health departments rests on each and every individual. Those who do not conform to these regulations can be removed from societal interaction and may be isolated till all tests and remedies are conducted.

7. What are the regulations that need to be followed?

A. Details of regulations, personal conduct of guests is available on the

Goa Tourism and Goa Health Department websites. Guests are urged to read in detail before visiting Goa.

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